New Shit: Revel in Flesh & Nightbringer

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Today i am bringing you two bands i just discoverd! Starting with a death metal called Revel in Flesh. This is (as i said) a death metal band that wants to bring you that classic 90’s DM from Europe. And they sure do, bloody hell.. I heard the track ‘Casket Ride’ on our Discover Weekly at Spotify and was hooked right away. That monstrous brutal tune.. I mean, lets take a quote of their Facebook page..

"An excellent offering to the Gods of SweDeath, complete with one of the most accurate re-creations of the crushing guitartones of the early Sunlight era. For fans of NIHILIST and ENTRAILS"

I can hear Entrails in their music. Not sure about Nihilist though. I do kinda know them but i hardly listen to their music.


Nightbringer. This band belongs in the dark world of black metal. Also discoverd trough the weekly playlist. When the track started i turned up the volume pretty loud. That evil voice in the beginning, then those drums and guitars.. Such evil in such a pretty sound..

The whole record is pure evil, raw and feels like a demon is in your room/head wich i, for some reason like. This kinda reminds me of The Satanist by the mighty Behemoth but in his earlier work. Terra Damnata is a record that crushes the time away. Some songs are over six minutes but feel like only 2/3 minutes.. And that is good thing.


Giveaway & Mail Order Unboxing!

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So i was the lucky winner of the Aornos cd you could win at Mark his Wandering Souls Webzine channel. A pretty cool record but he also threw in some extra’s. And i bought some new stuff that i wanted to share as well, enjoy watching!

VLog: Special Records Collection Pt.1

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Hello again! It took some time but i have a new video online! In this one i will show some of our records that are special and very limited. It also show’s how diverse my taste in music can be! From the OST of Star Wars to David Bowie to Abbath.. And others of course. Enjoy!

New Shit: Mutation - Hate

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This is a ridiculously extreme, obnoxious and hostile piece of work. It's an exorcism, a venting of malevolent spirits and mental exhaustion. But it's also an extraordinary piece of art and one of the most obscenely exciting bursts of freewheeling, kamikaze noise that you will ever hear.

That right there discribes the new album from the extreme metal band Mutation. I didn’t know them untill now. To be honest, i didn’t even saw the article on Blabbermouth that was posted a couple of day ago. I feel kinda bad for that because this song called Hate is pretty damn amazing. If you are a fan of music that feels and sound like total chaos this will be perfect for you.

The intro up to 15 seconds and the part after that, bloody fucking perfect if you ask me! The vocals wich are very distorded fit the song very well. Go check it out!

Quote: Drown My Demons

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Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart

New Shit: Rex Brown–Train Song

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This is a call to all fans of bands like Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots and AC/DC! Rex Brown, also known as the bassist of the great metal band Pantera just released a new song ‘Train Song’ of his upcoming solo project, simply called: Rex Brown. The album got the title ‘Smoke On This’. I like what i hear so far but i will not start smoking on his music..

Anyway, like i said.. It sounds a lot like the bands mentioned above, wich for me is a good thing but i do get it that some people will think that this is just some simple rip off.. Is it?

This is what I wanna do. I had a co-writer with some of these songs, and this is the way that I see it and this is the way we're gonna do it. – Rex Brown.


I personally don’t mind the resemblance of those bands at all. Hell, i always hope there will be more bands with the same kind of vibe/type of music. Not the genre it self, but the way it sounds. For example; Sempiternal from Bring Me The Horizon, La Petite Mort or a Conversion with God from King 810 (really, i fucking need more heavy metal poetry in my life), Blood from In This Moment, The Pale Emperor by Marilyn Manson.. Just to name a few. But for some reason they always change with a new album. Wich is also good of course..

Anyway, back to Rex B. I can’t wait for this album to drop in stores on july 28th! Because so far it sounds pretty damn great and would great to spin on vinyl while enjoying a nice cop of coffee and headbang! In case you want to pre-order, go to PledgeMusic here.

Eargasm: Gojira - Stranded

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Hoe een simpel maar toch technisch in elkaar gezet nummer zo uber vet kan klinken.. Er zijn niet veel bands die zoiets voor elkaar kunnen krijgen. Gojira flikte het op hun laatste album 'Magma'. Met de killer tracks; The Shooting Star, Silvera en dus Stranded.

Het is eigenlijk zonde dat dit album nogal ondergewaardeerd word terwijl het aan de andere kant ook enorm gewaardeerd word. Magma is dus een album van Gojira, een Franse progressieve metal band. Maar naast het progressieve hoor je ook overduidelijk death, thrash en groove elementen. En dat is wat hun juist zo gaaf maakt!

Gojira's sound is not easily classifiable as they blend several styles. Genres that have been associated with Gojira are technical death metal, progressive metal, groove metal and thrash metal. Gojira has been influenced by heavy metal artists such as Slayer, Sepultura, Death, Morbid Angel, Meshuggah, Tool, Metallica, Pantera, and Neurosis.

L'Enfant Sauvage is het album waar ik ze mee heb leren kennen. Die is ook zeker de moeite waard om te gaan luisteren. Compleet anders dan Magma en veel zwaarder/harder. Maar toch, hoor je alles wat ik hier boven neer heb gezet.

Oh, 15 juli staan ze nog in Eindhoven op het Dynamo Metal Fest met o.a. Devin Townsend, Prong en Entombed A.D. Sucks i can't be there!

Vlog de Shop! #1

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Omdat ik hem hier nog niet heb staan, post ik hem bij deze. Begin deze week kwam mijn bestelling van Large binnen. En zoals eerder beloofd zou ik er een unboxing video van maken. Enjoy!

Eargasm: Krokodil Hunter - Power Station Hacking

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Dat je gvd naar Assimilation zit te luisteren en dan bij Krokodil Hunter uit komt. Ik klikte op die thumbnail in Spotify en draaide een track.. Instant addication actived! Holy. Fucking. Shit! Krokodil Hunter is een industrial techo producer uit Ukraine. De plaat zelf het 'кримінальну Господ' en ik heb serieus geen idee wat het betekend. Maar goed, het gaat hier om de muziek en dat is gewoon uber wreed! Check deze maar eens.. En hard als je goede speakers/sub hebt!

Want more? Bandcamp site is hier te vinden.

Record Trade: Goatwhore × Saviours

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In elke Metalhead Box krijg je cd's. Sommige zijn heel tof en andere heb je dan weer niks mee. Zo had ik er vier die ik liever niet had gekregen. Gelukkig zijn ze zo slim geweest om op trade group op te richten via Facebook. Met succes want er word al aardig wat heen en weer gestuurd.

Ik kwam dus in contact met iemand die een paar cd's te ruil had. Mijn oog viel natuurlijk gelijk op Metallica maar toen ik zag dat er ook twee van Goatwhore bij zaten was de keuze al duidelijk. Nadat ik liet zien wat ik had was de deal gemaakt. En vandaag kwamen ze binnen, plus een extra! Hij heeft er namelijk een EP genaamd Warship van de band Saviours bij gedaan. How awesome!

Goatwhore ken ik al flink wat jaren en valt onder blackened death metal met toch ook wel thrash invloeden. Het beukt snel en hard wat erg genieten is. die EP van Saviours is een stoner rock band. Ik kende ze niet maar ben T. dankbaar dat hij mij kennis met hun heeft laten maken. Bedoel, luister nou eens naar Circle Of Servants Bodies.. Gewoon even doen!

Dit klinkt toch verdomde lekker?! Anyway, ik heb ook nog met een andere gast twee cd's geruild. Daar komt natuurlijk ook weer een post van.
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